What is Turnover in Online Casinos?


The commercial casino business has grown a lot recently because more places are allowing gambling, and people want unique experiences. Globally, the casino and online gambling industry is worth a massive 231 billion U.S. dollars. Think of “turnover” as the pulse of the online casino universe. In simple terms, turnover means the total bets people make on a casino website over some time. It shows how busy and lively the site is. Surprisingly, every month, online casinos globally handle billions of dollars in bets. This tells us just how popular and active these platforms are.

Now, you might wonder how casinos manage to earn so much. It’s not just luck. They carefully handle their turnover and use strategies to keep making money from players consistently. Understanding casino turnover is important to these businesses. It helps them see how much money is being bet and spent daily, giving them a clear picture of their financial health. In this article, we’ll discuss what is turnover in online casinos, how to calculate it, why it’s important, and more.

What is Turnover?

Turnover means the total money bet by players on gaming machines, including the money they win and bet again. It’s just the total amount of money wagered, not considering if someone wins or loses. So, turnover doesn’t show how much players might lose.

The turnover for bets can range from “low requirements to more chances.” Turnover is shown as 1x, 5x, 15x, 20x, 25x, and so on. Smart players prefer promotions with no turnover or just a 1x turnover. You also need to know about turnover requirements before we explore other topics.

A turnover requirement is how often a person needs to bet the total of their deposit and bonus before taking out any winnings. The number can change based on the offer, so checking before joining a deal is essential. For example, if a player starts with $20 on a gaming machine and keeps playing until the entire $20 is gone, the machine’s meters might show a turnover (total amount wagered) of $120 or even more.

Calculating Turnover

There are two methods for calculating casino turnover: by considering the total amount of money wagered or by looking at the total number of transactions. The more common approach is using the total amount of money wagered, as it offers a more precise picture of the actual money being turned over.

To calculate turnover based on the total amount of money wagered, businesses add up all the money bet on games and activities within the casino during a specific period. This total can then be divided by the number of days in that period to find a daily average.

Alternatively, turnover can be calculated by using the total number of transactions. In this method, businesses tally up the overall number of people participating in games or activities within the casino over a certain period and then divide it by the number of days. These methods help casinos assess the level of activity and engagement over time.

The formula for turnover in a casino would simply be:

Turnover=Total Bets Placed

Let’s look at two simple examples of how casinos calculate turnover:

Using Total Money Wagered:

  • Let’s say a casino had $50,000 in bets over a week.
  • To find the daily average turnover, divide $50,000 by 7 days.
  • In this example, the daily turnover would be around $7,142.

Using Total Number of Transactions:

  • Consider a casino with 2,000 transactions (individual plays or bets) in a month.
  • To find the daily average turnover, divide 2,000 by the number of days in the month.
  • If there are 30 days in the month, the daily turnover would be about 67 transactions.

These examples demonstrate the two methods: one based on the total money wagered and the other on the total number of transactions. Both ways help casinos understand and evaluate the activity levels in their gaming operations.

The Importance of Turnover for Players

Players tend to bet more often and quickly when turnover is high in a casino. This can make the games feel more exciting and riskier, as players might lose money faster. With more turnover, casinos can offer a broader range of games and bigger prizes. However, players must be careful because higher turnover can mean faster losses. How turnover affects a player depends on their choices and the casino’s setup.

Welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards are big reasons why new players join online casino Singapore. These offers give players free money to play with, making it tempting to sign up. But, players need to know that this bonus money comes with conditions, like turnover requirements.

If players are into online slots for fun, they should check how long these bonus credits last. Players must meet certain betting conditions within a set time to turn bonus money into real winnings.

Turnover and the Casino Industry

Turnover affects online casinos in significant ways, especially regarding money and how they run things. The global market for casinos and online gambling has reached a massive $231 billion. However, traditional brick-and-mortar casinos have had a tough time lately due to the growing popularity of online gambling and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many casinos had to shut down temporarily. Despite these challenges, the industry is expected to grow. In the U.S., casino revenue is predicted to increase each year from 2021 to 2024.

When turnover is high, casinos make more money because more people are betting. This is good for them because they get to keep some money, thanks to the rules favouring them. Also, when many people are playing, prizes like big jackpots grow quickly, making more players want to join in and spend money. But it’s not just about players spending; casinos give bonuses to attract them. However, these bonuses often come with conditions. Casinos make even more money when players meet these conditions, like betting a certain amount.


In wrapping up our talk about turnover in online casinos, we’ve seen how crucial this measure is for understanding how a casino is doing. Turnover helps us see how much money players are betting, showing us if the casino is running well financially. With the global online gambling market hitting a massive $231 billion, it’s evident that the casino scene is evolving, especially with the challenges faced by traditional casinos.

There’s a vast world to explore for those curious about online gambling. The online gambling world is always changing and growing, so keeping yourself in the loop will ensure you get the most out of this exciting journey.

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