Top Esports Betting Platforms in Singapore 2024 | Insights and Rewards

The best betting platforms in Singapore’s thriving esports sector provide exciting chances for spectators to wager on Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO. These platforms represent the developing relationship between the betting world and competitive gaming by offering insights into the rapidly growing esports industry as well as tempting benefits to bettors.

Leading Betting Sites in Singapore for 2024

In 2024, Singapore is home to many top-tier betting sites accommodating a wide range of player tastes. For fans looking for exciting new prospects, these platforms provide a perfect combination of conventional sports betting and esports. Read on for a breakdown of the leading players in the ever-changing realm of online eSports betting in Singapore.

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Unveiling the 4 Best Esports Betting Review in Singapore

Find out which four esports betting platforms are now ruling the roost in Singapore by reading our honest assessments of each.

1. BK8 – The Premier Esports Betting Platform in Singapore

Thanks to its varied markets and excellent odds, BK8 has emerged as Singapore’s leading platform for esports betting. Its partnership with TF Gaming gives fans all the coverage they need. Experienced gamblers and newbies flock to this site for its user-friendly UI and tempting welcome promotions.

2. Maxim88 – Cutting-Edge Crypto-Centric Esports Casino and Sportsbook

When it comes to esports betting in Singapore, Maxim88 is a top contender due to its intuitive design and extensive library of popular titles. It makes live betting more fun with Live TV by working with IM eSports. Maxim88 guarantees hassle-free transactions for all consumers with its user-friendly interface and wide range of financial choices, including cryptocurrencies and Help2Pay.

3. me88 Sports Betting – Exceptional Esports Coverage for Singapore

me88 stands out as one of the best websites for eSports betting in Singapore, backed by TF Gaming and IM software. Numerous games, such as League of Legends and Dota 2, are available on its intuitive UI. In particular, it works with various digital currencies and more conventional banking options so that everyone can have a great time betting.

4. 96M – Exceptional Esports Coverage And A Fantastic VIP Program

96M eSports betting in Singapore provides a first-rate betting experience with cutting-edge technology and live betting possibilities, all powered by IM Sports, the leading eSports supplier in Asia. Its mobile app guarantees ease of use and safety with its intuitive design and strong security features. 96M is a trustworthy online casino that provides a fun and secure atmosphere for all gamers.

Legal Status of Esports Betting in Singapore

Except for lottery and approved sports betting, most forms of online gambling are prohibited in Singapore. Despite this, more than half of Singaporeans have gambled online at least once, perhaps influenced by the abundance of alternatives and higher odds offered by foreign websites. For the safety of its citizens, the government has instituted stringent restrictions to shut down illegal gambling websites.

On the other hand, licensed international platforms provide a more secure betting environment, which helps the market expand. The availability of a wide variety of betting alternatives, the confidence of using regulated platforms, and the rising popularity of sports and entertainment all contribute to this expansion.

Accessibility, variety, and regulated platforms guaranteeing punters’ safety and security are the driving forces behind the continued success of online betting in Singapore, even though it is still prohibited outside of legalised sports betting and lotteries.

How We Choose the Best Esports Betting Platforms in Singapore

To guarantee quality, variety, and consumer happiness, we used the following criteria to identify the best esports betting sites in Singapore.

Extensive Esports Portfolio

A top Singaporean betting site must have a wide variety of esports games available so that consumers with different tastes may discover what they want. Players are more engaged and satisfied when there is a large selection of games since they have more possibilities to try. Esports are constantly changing, showing that the platform is committed to doing the same. In addition to drawing in more viewers, a strong portfolio boosts the site’s rating by providing in-depth esports coverage and letting fans fully immerse themselves in their favourite games.

Competitive Odds

Since competitive odds directly affect possible wins and consumer value, they play a crucial part in determining where to best start esports betting in Singapore. Sites with good odds draw bettors who want to get the most out of their wagers, which makes them content and loyal. In addition, the attractive odds show that the site is trustworthy and dedicated to providing fair betting chances. They contribute to a higher overall rating by demonstrating honesty and reliability, which are essential qualities to have while competing in the eSports betting market in Singapore. Offering attractive odds makes clients feel appreciated and encourages them to keep betting on the platform.

Seamless Live Streaming

To choose the top eSports betting site in Singapore, reliable live broadcasting is crucial, particularly when live betting is enabled. With the ability to watch matches in real time, bettors can make quick and educated decision-making. Not only does this feature guarantee that live betting aficionados get information promptly, but it also promotes consumer pleasure by creating an immersive experience. Providing a smooth live-streaming service also highlights the site’s dedication to providing exciting and interactive betting alternatives. In doing so, it positions the platform as the go-to option for eSports bettors in Singapore, increasing the overall rating.

Lucrative Bonuses

To choose the website you need for eSports betting in Singapore, looking for generous bonuses that provide clients extra value and rewards is crucial. The betting experience is improved by benefits like loyalty awards and welcome offers, which allow players to play for longer and boost their chances of winning. They help ensure happy customers by rewarding loyal users for their continued support. Generous incentives also have a big influence on the site’s rating since they show how dedicated the platform is to keeping and serving its users.

Diverse Payment Options

Various payment options should be considered while searching for Singapore’s best eSports betting site to cater to diverse clients’ requests. The site supports several payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies, giving users much flexibility and convenience. The ability to choose the most secure and easy payment option for transactions is a godsend to client happiness. It emphasises the site’s reliability and focus on customers, increasing user trust and loyalty.

Responsive Mobile Betting

When looking for the top Singaporean eSports betting site, responsive mobile betting is essential for consumers’ ease and accessibility when they’re on the go. Customers may enjoy betting seamlessly across numerous platforms through mobile responsiveness, which enhances versatility and ease of use. Users can make bets whenever and wherever they choose, without any restrictions, which adds to customers’ overall satisfaction. The site’s dedication to technical innovation and user-centric design is evident in its responsive mobile betting, contributing to its good overall rating. Boosting mobile responsiveness allows betting companies to draw in more users, keep them as loyal customers, and cement their position as industry leaders.

Comparative Analysis of Games Covered by Esports Betting Sites

Explore the comparison table below to discover the availability of popular games across various top websites for eSports betting in Singapore.

Casino League of Legend DOTA 2 CS:GO Call of Duty Valorant Starcraft
BK8 check check check check check check
Maxim88 check check check check check check
Me88 check check check check check check
96M check check check check check check

Best Esports to Bet On in Singapore

Looking for a winning bet? Check out our handpicked selection of the best games currently dominating the professional esports scene.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The legendary first-person shooter (FPS) game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is well-known for its furious multiplayer duels. Created by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment, the game divides players into teams that focus on either terrorists or counter-terrorists. Players’ purpose is to complete tasks or eliminate enemies.

Millions of people play CS:GO every day, and hundreds of thousands more tune in to watch big events. Famous teams like Astralis and individuals like s1mple and ZywOo showcase amazing tactics and talents, dominating the competitive landscape.

Esports fans may participate with and gamble on their favorite teams and players for CS:GO in various ways, including match winners, map winners, round winners, and numerous in-game events.

League of Legends

In the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre, Riot Games’ League of Legends (LoL) stands out among its peers. In League of Legends, two five-player teams battle it to protect their base and destroy the other team’s Nexus.

League of Legends has an enormous fan following worldwide, with over 100 million active players per month and millions more tuning in to watch major competitions like the World Championship.

Teams like Gen.G, which has Chovy, and T1, which features the 2023 World Champion squad of ZOFGK (Zeus, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi, and Keria), are noteworthy. Esports bettors have many choices with League of Legends betting, which covers match winner, map winner, first blood, total kills, and numerous in-game goals like Baron takes and Dragon Soul predictions.

DotA 2

Players worldwide are enthralled with Dota 2, a top-tier MOBA game developed by Valve Corporation. Two five-player teams face off in Dota 2 combat, each with its own set of memorable heroes and abilities. The goal is to destroy the other team’s Ancient while protecting your own.

The esports industry is captivated by Dota 2 because of its massive player base and the fact that major tournaments, such as The International, attract millions of spectators. Notable teams like BetBoom and Team Falcons wow fans with their tactical sophistication and incredible skill.

Esports betting enthusiasts may choose from a wide variety of Dota 2 wagers, including match and map winners, first Roshan kills, total kills, and many in-game objectives.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty (CoD) is a revolutionary first-person shooter (FPS) series developed by Infinity Ward and currently controlled by Activision. It offers a wide variety of game modes, including multiplayer, story, and battle royale, all of which immerse players in dramatic military-themed engagements.

Call of Duty is unrivalled in the gaming industry, with millions of copies sold throughout the globe and an enormous player community. Notable teams in Call of Duty esports, such as the New York Subliners, showcase exceptional skill and impressive competitiveness.

Bets on match and map winners, total kills, and in-game objectives abound in Call of Duty, giving esports bettors a wealth of ways to root for their favourite teams and individuals.


EA Sports created the famous FIFA series of sports simulation games. In FIFA, players take charge of virtual teams and players, simulating real-life football matches in different game modes such as career mode, Ultimate Team, and online multiplayer.

The FIFA series is among the most successful in the video game industry, with countless copies sold every year and an enormous player base worldwide. The professional FIFA esports industry is dominated by notable teams and individuals like Tekkz, who demonstrate incredible talent and strategic brilliance.

Bets on match winners, correct scores, total goals scored, and in-game events abound in FIFA, giving esports fans plenty of possibilities to show support for their favourite squads and individuals.


VALORANT is a first-person shooter (FPS) by Riot Games that combines accurate shooting with special skills for each character. Each side consists of five players, and the goal of each round is to either plant or defuse a bomb.

Due to its massive player base and expanding esports scene, VALORANT has become a dominant force in the competitive gaming industry. In VALORANT esports events, notable organisations like Sentinels and individual players like TenZ and ScreaM show off their incredible talent and collaborate flawlessly.

Match winner, map winner, round winner, and in-game event betting are all available in VALORANT, giving esports fans a wide variety of ways to support their favourite teams and players while amplifying the game’s electric atmosphere.


One of the most well-known first-person shooter (FPS) games ever made was Overwatch, created by Blizzard Entertainment. In Overwatch’s objective-based game modes, such as Escort, Assault, and Control, two six-player teams face off using heroes with a wide variety of skills.

Despite a decline in the overall number of players, Overwatch continues to attract a loyal fan base that watches esports events and plays the game. In the history of professional Overwatch, notable teams like San Francisco Shock and exceptional individuals like Sinatraa and Fleta have made indelible marks.

For esports fans looking to wager on their favourite teams and players, Overwatch offers a wide variety of possibilities, such as match winner, map winner, first team to seize objectives, and a number of in-game events.

Top Esports Tournaments and Leagues that You Should Bet On

Check out the best esports events where you can place your bets on the thrilling competition between the best teams and players in the world.

Dota 2: The International (TI)

The International has been the pinnacle of esports competitions since 2011, catapulting the Dota Pro Circuit to international fame. After exciting group stage matchups, teams compete in the spectacular main event, which features double elimination bouts. Even more thrilling is the fact that each year, the prize pool increases exponentially due to fan contributions made via in-game purchases such as battle passes.

To put it in perspective, the prize pool hit $40 million in 2021. Not to mention the famous Aegis of Champions trophy, which has the winners’ names etched on it. This is what gaming legends are made of.

League of Legends: World Championships (World’s)

As the game season ends, Riot Games hosts the League of Legends World Championship, the grand finale of the yearly professional league. Each team fights for glory, a 44-pound Summoner’s Cup, and a share of the multi-million dollar award.

More than that, a whole new format is applied at Worlds 2023. There are three rounds of competition: the play-in, the Swiss, and the knockout, with twenty-two teams participating.

Additionally, viewers look forward to the Opening Ceremony, which annually commences the year’s most prominent esports event and serves as the championship match for League of Legends. If you want to see the rich lore of League of Legends come to life, Riot and LoL Esports will put together a spectacular lineup of musicians and performances.

Overwatch League (OWL)

Esports bettors might find a profitable platform in the Overwatch League (OWL), which showcases worldwide competitiveness and exciting arguments. Blizzard Entertainment hosts the Overwatch League, which has a regular season, playoffs, and a championship match.

Fans of exciting betting options are drawn to OWL because of the large prize money and significant prizes that are up for grabs, such as the Rookie of the Year and MVP honours. Sports betting fans who want to cash in on their knowledge pay attention to famous teams like San Francisco Shock and memorable players like Sinatraa.

Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup (FNCS 2024) is the most prestigious tournament for professional Fortnite players, and fans all around the globe are very excited about it.

The competition usually has preliminary qualifiers across regions to reduce the field for the main stage, and the exact schedule is still up in the air. The Fortnite World Cup has been an incredible event since its 2019 debut, and the 2024 tournament promises to be even more exciting. The best players in the world will battle at the highest level, and spectators may watch the matches live online to see how talented and competitive they are.

A Guide to Placing Bets on Esports

Discover key strategies for achieving success and development in esports betting.

Traditional Wagering

Bets on the results of esports matches using real money are the norm in traditional esports betting. It is essential to learn as much as possible about the teams, players, and their recent results for sensible betting. A better grasp of game dynamics and meta may help with smart betting options, increasing the chances of winning.

Skin Betting

In esports, “skins” are the virtual currency that players use to gamble on tournament results and other odds. You may trade or sell skins for real money. But there are ethical and legal issues with this kind of betting, such as the possibility of fraud and gambling by minors.

Fantasy Competitions

Similar to traditional fantasy sports, fantasy esports allows users to create virtual teams composed of actual athletes and pit them against one another in a tournament based on their actual performance. The focus is on team selection strategy, not match results. You may test your knowledge and abilities in fantasy eSports challenges by choosing the greatest lineup and coming out on top.

Challenge Wagering

Social and challenge betting provide esports fans with engaging betting experiences. Friendly bets and social media challenges are two examples of events that bring people together and encourage connection. By embracing them, fans may interact with other esports lovers and take part in the action.

Exclusive Esports Betting Promotions

Exciting incentives are offered via exclusive esports betting promos, improving bettors’ wagering experience. Promotions for specific events, cashback offers, VIP schemes, referral incentives, free bets for specific events, odds enhancements, and new user welcome bonuses are just a few examples. Esports bettors may get the most out of their money and time by participating in these promos.

5 Pro Tips for Mastering Esports Betting

Take advantage of these five expert techniques to elevate your esports betting game.

Tip 1: Understand The Game

In order to make educated wagers on esports, one must have a solid grasp of the game. This will allow them to assess team tactics, player stats, and meta trends.

Tip 2: Stay Informed

In esports betting, keeping up with player stats, patch notes, and new trends is crucial for making educated selections and making the most of your betting strategy.

Tip 3: Embrace Live Markets

Live markets enhance the betting experience and maximise possible benefits by allowing real-time changes, additional betting possibilities, learning opportunities, and earning potential.

Tip 4: Utilise Live Streams

Bettors may get real-time information by making the most of live streaming possibilities in esports betting. This improves their betting experience and increases their chances of winning, particularly when offering live betting.

Tip 5: Seek Value Opportunities

When bookmakers’ odds are better than the actual likelihood of a result happening, this is called a value opportunity in esports betting. Success in betting, both short- and long-term, depends on being able to spot these possibilities.

Concluding Thoughts on Esports Betting in Singapore

To sum up, esports betting in Singapore is a thrilling chance for fans to experience their beloved games in a new way. Thanks to its expanding market and rising accessibility, it provides amusement and, maybe, financial gain. Nevertheless, for a good and pleasurable experience, it is crucial to wager responsibly and be informed of the rules.

Premier Online Sportsbooks in Singapore – BK8

When looking for a first-rate online sportsbook in Singapore, go no further than BK8. Bettors of all skill levels will find BK8’s competitive odds, broad market coverage, and established connections with top esports suppliers to be an enjoyable and (hopefully) profitable betting experience.

FAQs About Esports Betting Sites in Singapore

Is Esports Betting Legal in Singapore?

In Singapore, esports betting is mainly restricted to authorised operators that provide sports betting and lottery services. The industry is subject to stringent rules that aim to oversee its operations and safeguard consumer interests.

Which Esports Betting Sites Stand Out in Singapore?

Singapore has many prominent eSports betting platforms, including BK8, ME88, Maxim88, and 96M. These platforms possess distinct characteristics and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly growing esports betting industry.

Can Esports Matches Be Watched Live Online?

Sure, many esports competitions are available to watch live online while placing bets. This gives bettors access to in-the-moment information and the chance to make wise choices based on the action.

Do Esports Betting Sites Offer Promotions?

Esports betting companies offer various incentives, such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free bets, to attract and retain punters.

Is Cryptocurrency Accepted for Esports Betting Transactions?

Some esports betting sites employ crypto for transactions, providing bettors with an alternative payment method that improves anonymity, security, and efficiency.