Top 8 Sports Betting Singapore Sites for Singaporean Punters 2024

Many foreign speculators assume that Singaporean wagers are very lucky to get an enormous number of options in gambling – one of them is sports betting. Occurring in bulk at Singapore, top sports betting sites, magnificently and offering the excitement of betting and huge payouts simultaneously. Sports betting Singapore websites have the potential to provide a vast range of sports betting options to their native punters.

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What is Sports Betting?

In simple terms, sports betting is an activity that depends on anticipating the outcome of the sports event. On that basis, punters wager money and bet by predicting the sport’s result. You can bet on any sports events infused in the gaming list of the Singapore bookmakers, like tennis, rugby, basketball, soccer, and many more, including esports matches.

Anytime two punters wager on the same sports event by anticipating their outcomes, they are engaged in sports betting Singapore. Irrespective of the amount they are wagering, it can be $10 to $100, but the concept defines sports betting. Punters place their stakes through a sportsbook or a sports betting site, or Singapore online betting sites or online betting apps for their convenience of gambling.

If a bet behind the outcome of a winning match is held, that is called a money-line bet. If you’re betting on the win or loss of a sports team by specific points, it is referred to as the spread bet.

Sports Betting Singapore

The Legality of Online Sports Betting in Singapore

In today’s world, Singapore allows for online betting legal sports betting. The current legal situation has changed significantly after 2014 when the country’s gambling laws strictly prohibited online sports betting. The changing gambling laws have led many punters to look for legal online gambling sites. However, the new Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) conducts gambling in Singapore, responding to different gambling forms separately.

However, gambling laws are often reinforced and innovated and tend to improve in the future to upgrade online gambling and its forms. Singapore Pools, created in 1968, are the only operators that legalized online gambling in Singapore, providing a subsidiary of the Tote Board. In 2016, Singapore Pools granted an exemption, which led it to access and serve some of Singapore’s online sports betting services.

How We Choose Top Online Sports Betting Sites in Singapore?

Being a sports fan, you should indulge in reputable online sports betting Singapore sites to make your first points on your favourite sports event. To do so, you must know specific points before choosing an online sports book.

One of them, the most generic and important one, is that you should wager on trustworthy sportsbooks that have gained attention, which you can see from their reviews and ratings recommended betting sites. So, read them properly to get ideas about the sportsbook, tempting you to make registration on that portal. Here are other breakable points that provide information on how to choose online sports betting sites in Singapore:

Betting Markets and Odds

The best sports betting Singapore sites regularly offer their punters the most competitive market odds, determining how much they can take after wagering a certain amount as a bet. Odds are preferably given in decimal and fractional formats that can be further adjusted to the punter’s preferences.

In Singapore, the default odds format used excessively is the European Odds. Decimal odds define the return amount received from making a winning bet. For example, assume the odds are 1.91, p wagering $100; you will receive S$191 if you win. Where S$91 would be your profit. The best online sports betting Singapore site attracts many gamblers across the world and their native citizens to their best betting sites, through these odds, which are affixed to different sports like football, basketball, or other sports taking place in other nations.

Game Selection

Consider seeing their game selections when opting to wager at an online casino games sportsbook. One of the factors that led online casinos in Singapore to hold the gambling industry’s reputation to this extent is their variety of games and sports events. They offer punters live sports betting services on different sports, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, NBL, SCL, and NBA. They can watch the sports and bet according to their directions and predict their outcomes to win the bet. Besides, you can participate in regular sports like cricket, football, tennis, rugby, and many more occurring any day and at any time.

User Experience

As said earlier, if you want to judge the reputation of an online sportsbook, go through their official site and read the punters’ reviews after experiencing their services. It will significantly help you choose the bright sportsbook site for you. They will also provide you with information on their odds designed by the sportsbook to give their customers a good payout. A good user experience will help you select the right website for sports betting Singapore, and eventually, you can participate by blindly making your initial wager at that online casino Singapore games here.

Bonus and Promotions

Several online sports betting Singapore sites offer rewards in the form of bonuses like welcome bonuses affixed with free bets. It is highly beneficial in gaining good payouts by wagering meagre amounts on the sports. It varies from one sportsbook to another. Leading Singaporean sportsbooks offer these bonuses without infusing any bonus code, and some do attack bonus codes to make them more attractive. Other bonuses include cash-back incentives, reload bonuses, cash-back incentives, and even specialized loyalty programs. All these bonuses are affixed with wagering requirements; adhere to them before claiming any bonus.

Mobile Compatibility

To replace idleness in life, many Singaporean residents are now engaging with online sports betting Singapore site that has designed their platform to upgrade the convenience of the gamblers. Noting this, they have now come with online gambling that can be accessed through mobile devices, Android, and iOS, and can also be run on dedicated apps of their own or browsing directly to start online wagering.

The betting sites are highly intuitive with the latest technologies, which enables them to play from smaller gadgets as well. As a result, many bets are now placed through mobile phones, making it easier for punters to access markets and features when away from their desktops. Moreover, the sites are fully functional with a good interface and navigation system.

Type of Online Sports Betting in Singapore

Sports Betting Singapore is storming across the globe by covering many sports events in its gaming library. Football, basketball, and cricket are some examples, including the betting types offered in many markets, including pre-match, live betting, and outright options engrossed with valuable features like live streaming, cash out, and pulse betting. These features steadily increase, giving more impulsive benefits to the punters and the gambling industry for their revolution.

Football Betting

As Singapore doesn’t have any club of its own that participates in the world cup or other soccer leagues from their nation, the native punters of Singapore bet on local matches through the online sports betting Singapore site. They also took sports from the renowned EU soccer leagues and allowed their bettors to bet on those through Singapore online sports betting. La Liga and the English premier league are the top events Singapore waits for to make thrilling gambling happen. Besides, there are many techniques and betting types to bet on football. The Asian handicap bet is the most prestigious to give good outcomes after use in any sports event.


Basketball is one of the leading sports attractions for Singapore gamblers. Also, Singapore has positioned well in basketball sports, positioning itself in the twenty world Basketball team. However, they are very good in Basketball matches and have gained immense popularity worldwide. Therefore, punters are more focused on Basketball and are quick to make good bets on this sport through the online sports betting Singapore site as they already acknowledge the game’s outcome when Singapore players or clubs participate in any cricket league.


If you follow any news about Singapore badminton sports, this is the most popular sports event for punters. Many online sports betting Singapore sites add these sports to their gaming list to design the best betting odds with this game to make good profits and provide good credits to gamblers. In addition, Singapore participates in basketball tournaments and allows live sports betting in these sports while streaming it live for their bettors.

Esports Betting

Having a large fanbase in Singapore, esports gambling is gaining popularity daily. One of the popular esports being played at Singapore sportsbooks online is CS: GO Singapore’s first preference is this game, which is a multiplayer shooter. Alongside, DOTA2, FIFA, and LOl is the most popular esports games preferred by the bettors at Singaporean sportsbooks. Esports are streamed live, with millions of worldwide viewers watching contests anytime. However, you bet on esports events before the game starts, and staking on live betting on sports events is hugely popular at online sports betting Singapore.

Type of Payment Methods for Online Betting in Singapore

Sports Betting Singapore site thinks about the convenience of their punters; on that note, they have created a segment attached with good and trustable payment options serving fiscal transactions seamlessly and without any hindrances. These include credit cards, debit cards, direct bank transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and other online payment systems. Meanwhile, many online sportsbooks have infused SticPay, the most popular e-wallet platform, making fast payouts at Singapore online sports betting markets and sites. You may see some of the functionalities of these renowned payment options underneath.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are issued from the banks of Singapore to the punters to make fiscal transactions. They can use them while depositing funds at an online sports betting Singapore. The minimum deposit you can make from these cards is 20 USG, and the maximum is $100. It infuses minimum risk, and anyone can use those who have such cards given to them by Singaporean banks to make deposits and withdrawals.


It is a mode of financial transaction which operates via electronic devices to make payments from desktops and mobile phones. For that, you need to make a prepaid account at your e-wallet options linked to your bank account to make payment. It is the easiest and provides a fast payment transaction within 10 seconds. Digital wallets reduce access to physical cards everywhere. Online sports betting Singapore has rapidly used these payment options to store transaction options in databases and track them easily.

Bank Transfers

A bank transfer works between two bank accounts: making a direct transfer of funds without the intervention of any third-party vendor. This transfer of funds can be between two different Singaporean bank accounts, for instance, one of the sportsbook and another of yours. On the other hand, you can make bank transfers in foreign countries, holding a bank account in your nation as well. Many punters who know little about e-wallets and other modes and want to play safe can easily indulge in bank transfer options to transfer funds.

Prepaid Cards

The usability of Prepaid credit cards is quite similar to credit cards; users have to deposit the amount of money before making any transaction. The amount should match the exact amount you are funding to the institution. As the money is deposited in the card in advance for use, the chances of default are meagre.

For instance, if you want to bet $20 on soccer sports at the sports betting Singapore site, you must deposit the amount in the card before funding to the casino account. Also, not more than $20 can be accessed through this card; you must deposit funds again. This tempts punters to opt for this payment option, who need help maintaining a good credit score, thereby diminishing their prospects of owning a credit card.

In issuing such cards, you must check that it is not overloaded with extra charges taken for their accessibility and check their services by comparing them with the standard credit cards before purchasing them.


After taking Singaporean gamblers’ opinions, the maximum votes of punters went to crypto options such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for exchanging funds in the gambling section for depositing and withdrawing. Cryptocurrencies running on blockchain technology are further connected with their unique features: where total anonymity remains the first reason to opt for this technology playing at online casinos for real money. These are in-built with encryption techniques: keeping hacker attacks at bay from sports betting Singapore and international betting sites too. A unique code is affixed to access a personal account that helps track all changes in the database along with high-level security with a precise verification system and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting Singapore

Are sports betting legal in Singapore?

Well, there are no laws amended saying that online sports betting Singapore is wholly prohibited. The Singapore Pool caters to the gambling industry, providing the thrill of sports betting in Singapore to their local citizens. In addition, many foreign betting sites and sportsbooks are operating their services in Singapore and offering their services to Singapore players to bet from their sites.

How to play Singapore sports betting?

To make your first bet on Singapore sports betting, follow these rules.

  • Create an account at a legitimate sports betting site in Singapore.
  • From the sports library, select your preferable sports from the menu.
  • Check down the odds according to your selection; place your bet.
  • By predicting the outcome of the sports event simultaneously, note down the type of bet/Market of your choice.
  • Acknowledge your correction that denotes you are a winner of the match.

What are the top betting sites in Singapore for punters?

Selecting just one betting site amongst the renowned bookmarks operating their services in Singapore takes a lot of work. Every bookmaker has characteristics and features that are amazing and dynamic to offer variations in the betting market. The top betting sites in Singapore include Maxim88, BK8, me88, and 96M.

You can judge the leading one based on various factors. They are sportsbooks and mobile betting, that provide good bonuses and promotions, betting markets and competitive odds, a vast selection of games, good payment options, and a support system. Relying on this factor, Singapore punters select the sports bookmaker offering their services in Singapore sports betting sites.

Are there any taxes on sports betting winnings in Singapore?

At the time of withdrawal, the government of Singapore deducts some amount, and it is very meagre rather than can be overlooked after gaining enormous amounts for sports betting Singapore.

But most of the casinos do not affix any taxes on the win received by the gamblers as it occurs as a windfall rather than an income. So, if you are a resident of Singapore, start gambling now and gain tremendous outcomes.